Watch: Delvaux's fantastical Les Miniatures Belgitude campaign come to life

Buro exclusive

Text: Andrea Sim

Charmed's the word

What Savile Row is to suiting, Delvaux is to leather goods. But despite being predominantly reknowned for supreme construction and classical, clean designs, don't mistake the near two-hundred-year-old handbag stalwart as a dusty, one trick pony.

Armed with an arsenal of idiosyncrasies — take for example, their iconic Le Brillant top handle scribbled with the phrase 'Ceci N'est Pas Un Delvaux' ('This is not a Delvaux' in English) — the maison's latest campaign inaugurating its line of limited edition bag charms, Les Miniatures Belgitude, is further testament to its aptitude for whimsicality and absurdity. 

Supersized iterations of the Le Brillant inhabit rolling landscapes of french fries and waffles, and is caught in the cross-fire of a battle between humans and monsters. Through the lenses of Belgian film director Jaco Van Dormael, witness the playful bag charms — each named after a city in Belgium — unfold above, and browse the full collection below.

Watch how the magic is created, here:

Les Miniatures Belgitude is a limited edition collection of 2500 pieces. Available at Delvaux boutiques worldwide, and located at Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road, #01-18 in Singapore.