Christopher Kane does vibrators, Gentle Monster’s latest collection, and more

Christopher Kane does vibrators, Gentle Monster’s latest collection, and more

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Text: Emily Heng

Christopher Kane drops some sexy new merch.

The latest additions to the designer's 'More Joy' range includes a vibrator, stud earrings, nameplate necklaces, umbrellas, and more. All goods come adorned with words such as 'Sex' and 'Special' — making it ideal for upcoming V-Day festivities. Photographer and model, Mitch Stöhring, came in on the campaign with several artistic shots of selected pieces. "Sex is everywhere, it's beautiful and messy and hot and funny," she wrote in an Instagram caption. "It's overrated and underrated in our society but it's an incredible tool for expression." We recommend you scoop 'em up via Christopher Kane's official site before Feb hits.


Ella Emhoff has been signed onto IMG Models.

Yes, as in the U.S. Vice President's step-daughter. The self-proclaimed "artist with a creative passion" made waves at the inauguration ceremony when she arrived dressed in a sparkly Miu Miu coat that showed off her whimsical personality. This caught the attention of President of IMG models, Ivan Bart, who promptly reached out to Emhoff. "It's not really about shape, size or gender anymore," he said in an interview with Times. "Ella communicates this moment in time. There's a cheekiness and a joy she exudes." And that's not all...


Writer, Amanda Gorman, joins IMG Models.

It's highly probable that you spotted her sunny yellow coat and cheery disposition at the U.S. inauguration ceremony. The National Youth Poet Laureate read her poem, "The Hill We Climb", as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in — and catapulted to fame for both her style and insightful words. And while IMG Models hasn't made an official Instagram post confirming this (as they did with Ella Emhoff), they stated in a press release that they will focus on building Gorman's "profile through brand endorsements and editorial opportunities."


Bernie Sanders is selling shirts and sweaters of himself as a meme.

C'mon, you know the one. The politician became a viral sensation once more when he was photographed sporting a less-than-pleased expression — and mittens — on inauguration day, which thus spawned millions of memes.  "I was just sitting there, trying to keep warm, trying to pay attention to what was going on," Sanders remarked on a TV spot for Late Night Thursday. Still, Sanders aims to do some good from this. The image has been emblazoned on shirts and sweatshirts, with all proceeds from the sales going to Wheels on Meals Vermont.


Gentle Monster has revealed their 2021 collection campaign.

Titled 'Unopened: The Probe', it features 21 new styles in fresh colourways and designs. The aim of the range is supposedly to introduce users to the idea of newness that sets it apart in a familiar world — all of which comes in the brand's distinct futuristic style. Intriguing, alright. All pieces are now available at all Gentle Monster boutiques.


Kate Moss and her daughter, Lila Grace Moss, modeled together for the first-time.

The duo took the runway to show Fendi's spring 2021 haute couture collection. It's an apt decision as any, seeing how designer Kim Jones claimed to be inspired by pioneering women and familiar bonds. "It is in its third generation with a Fendi at its helm, and I am guest starring while bringing in the fourth," he said in an interview with The Cut. "Here, I am surrounded by strong, powerful women who I love and respect, and want to bring their energy into what I do."


Virgil Abloh leaves a cryptic clue as to how he will be presenting his new collection.

Off-White's founder is staying mum on the details of his SS21 presentation — to be revealed on 2 February - though he has hinted that it will be like nothing we've seen. "Think personal connections through a public platform," he explained. "Connecting the dots of distance through a global language. Linking up, even though we may be thousands of miles apart." We'll be waiting with bated breath in the meantime.


Puma unveils a Neymar Jr. Collection.

Expect jerseys, shorts, and training accessories that come with his signature number 10 logo or in unique patterns that reflect Neymar's Brazilian heritage. Not forgetting, of course, the Future Z 1.1. Boot, which is worn exclusively by him and is designed to enhance one's football playing style. The full range is available for purchase at all Puma stores now — with the exception of the Future Z 1.1. Boot, which will only grace shelves come 18 February. Good things come to those who wait, we suppose.


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