Christian Louboutin goes nude again

Christian Louboutin goes nude again

Sexy time

Text: Jolene Khor

Everyone's favourite shoe brand continues its fashion inclusivity with two new Nude designs

It's August. Reflecting upon the past seven months of 2017, our major musing so far in this post-Gucci milieu approaching a Supreme saturation and Demna overkill, is that brewing is a fever for revision, our hunger for a clean slate yet unsatiated. With the ornamentations of haute couture a fading memory and the next enginery of fashion weeks fast approaching, the industry is due for a break from the bells and whistles. Cut the noise. Cue the diet. 

Offering this sartorial sanctuary is Christian Louboutin, who, one can argue, has always had a taste for the simple. The sole purpose of his shoes (pun intended), no matter how high or how elaborate his imagination allowed them to be, was and is to worship the feet.

Take the Nudes collection. His commitment to undressing the female arches began in 2013, then debuting five shades to suit a spectrum of skin tones already wider than that covered by his peers. A while later, he added a couple more in-between hues in an effort to expand the Louboutin community.

Now, two new styles are injected into his catalogue — the Christeriva, a grosgrain ribboned heel reminiscent of styles adorned by the prima ballerinas, and the Cherrysandal, a chunky platform sandal elevated by a clear PVC backing for as naked a look as the heel allows.

Witness the Christerivas in action above, and the Cherrysandals in their full glory below.

Christian Louboutin Cherrysandal platforms

The Christian Louboutin Nudes collection is available online and in stores.