Watch: Kaia Gerber at home in Coco Chanel's apartment with the brand's iconic handbags

La maison de Gabrielle

Text: Andrea Sim

In Chanel's latest handbag campaign, the designer's private quarters plays host to house favourite Kaia Gerber

There aren't many who are granted the privilege of witnessing a Chanel fashion show in person, but even fewer can claim to have been invited up the marble steps at 31 Rue Cambon — into Coco's apartment. However the pictures — what little there are — will inform you of its walls lined with leather-bound books, the decorative elements (such as dried wheat) that still holds influence over Chanel in modern day, and that fabled couch where she would entertain her inner circle of creative greats. To be entirely dramatic, it's practically sacred ground in the world of Chanel

Which is why Kaia Gerber's invitation into the apartment for sakes of the house's latest handbag ad campaign is no small matter. That, and because it functions at the same time as a precursor to a podcast series with 10 personalities exploring their relationship with Chanel handbags. Equipped with icons new and old such as the 11.12 and Gabrielle in tweed and Reissues in PVC, watch the fashion darling makes herself at home in Coco's quarters, above. 

Stay tuned for #CHANELHandbagStories, a podcast series.