5 ways to wear Chanel's Ground Control FW17 accessories in a cosmic wonderland

5 ways to wear Chanel's Ground Control FW17 accessories in a cosmic wonderland

To infinity and beyond

Text: Clara Tan Jolene Khor

Fashionably defying gravity? We can't see why not

There seems to be a bet going on. It's current season Karl Lagerfeld betting against, and one-upping, last season Karl Lagerfeld — with the world anticipating higher and higher stakes for each collection that he presents for Chanel. Case in point: Chanel's breathtaking fall/winter 2017 presentation in Paris earlier this year where the kaiser blew a rocket into the space within the Grand Palais (no, we're not over it yet).

We're pining for the tweed tunics and spaceman silver leather suits, but what we're really excited about are the accessories. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. If our sci-fi dreams came to life in couture forms, these would be it. In true fangirl fashion fantasy, here's what we would wear for a Chanel takeoff.

chanel-fw17-accessoriesCosmically cosy
When temperatures drop, we're grabbing thermal blankets by way of Chanel's signature quilts. Also, sleek fingerless leather gloves and a diamond encrusted headband replace cumbersome padded gloves and bulky helmets. You know nothing, NASA.

chanel-fw17-accessoriesA day out, inside
You know how terry cloth headbands are worn on the tennis courts of Earth? Boring. In space, we do leather. And we'll gladly perfect our backhand in the go-go glitter boots above too... the moment we fix the zero gravity issue.


To the Milky Way
In the event of turbulence, fasten your seatbelts and hold on to this furry baby; while the flight might not always be smooth, our style game will always be on point.


Alternate chronemics
Forget stand-up collars when you can have a out-of-this-world astronaut's collar. Also, since time is irrelevant in the Chanel universe, stow the watch for multi-coloured pearl cuffs. Both wrists, please.

chanel-fw17-accessoriesCall it self-defense
When fighting an alien attack, throw off the enemy with this dazzling chiffon frock. In case you're wondering, yes, the metal grommets on your knitted arm guards also serve as protective shields. Consider this mission, complete.

Chanel's fall/winter 2017 accessories will be available in September.