A.P.C. welcomes a new creative collaborator, Catherine Deneuve to design the ultimate French-girl wardrobe

A.P.C. welcomes a new creative collaborator, Catherine Deneuve to design the ultimate French-girl wardrobe

Très chic

Text: Lidia Ageeva

Founder of Parisian basics brand A.P.C. Jean Touitou insists his creative collaboration with the fashion and cinema icon, Catherine Deneuve, was just a matter of time. They are neighbours – they both live in Rive Gauche, the bourgeois Saint-Germain-des-Prés district and bump into each other every other day and share a love for timeless clothes.

Jean Touitou in his press statement explained how the idea somehow presented itself; it wasn't created. "Catherine knows her fabrics well," he says. "When she touches them, her fingers tell her if they lack substance and strive for fleeting glory or if they can be trusted. Catherine knows cuts, as well." He continues: "If a drawing doesn't reflect her words, her reaction is as cordial as it is sharp. With a friendly yet reproving look, she simply says: 'this jacket doesn't work, the armhole is too low and the shoulder a bit too large.'"

Touitou gave Deneuve full creative freedom and an access to the brand's ateliers. Catherine decided to focus on her favourite 60s' basic silhouettes: a navy wool suit and a khaki jacket and skirt ensemble.

Sounds familiar? Yes, her character used to wear the same style of pieces, designed by Yves Saint Laurent, in the 1960s cult classic Belle de Jour. Deneuve prefers to match them with basic white shirts and paisley or red polka-dot bow-blouses (both prints were developed by Ratti in Italy).

The collection also features some pieces with a more modern touch, like basic white t-shirts and silk scarves with animal-inspired print: baptised "Catherine's Arc", it was created by the iconic French graphics studio M/M Paris. All of the pieces in the collection are named in honour of Deneuve's iconic movie characters: a Séverine blouse is a nod to Belle de Jour, a Nelly skirt to Le Sauvage, a Delphine marinière to The Young Girls of Rochefort and a Gaby shirt to 8 Femmes.

Deneuve also worked on accessories; she decided that her collection would not be complete without the perfect golden sandals and faux snakeskin pumps. Oh and homeware fiends will delight that there's also a candle; "Fabienne," created an ode to Deneuve's secret middle name. You can shop the collection here.

This story was first published on Buro. London.