First look: What to expect from Burberry's Tales of a Trench Coat exhibition in Singapore

At Ion Orchard

First look: What to expect from Burberry's Tales of a Trench Coat exhibition in Singapore
A glimpse into the history, craft and archives of the Burberry icon

It's no accident that when the term 'trench coat' is mentioned, Burberry's name follows suit. But perhaps lesser known is how the English brand came to be the definitive authority on the all-weather coat.

Fashioned from gabardine (a tough yet flexible fabric invented by founder and visionary Thomas Burberry in 1879), the exhibition is a telescope into the very innovation that propelled a humble store in Hampshire's Basingstoke into a global empire today; one beloved for its leather goods, ready-to-wear, and of course, the classical trench. 

While a large part of the exhibition is housed discretely in the brand's new retail space on the first floor of Ion Orchard, it's the looming display of a mannequin decked in the quintessential Burberry piece — with a gabardine parachute harnessed to its back — that'll stop you in your tracks (see above). An elegant prelude inviting the curious passerby to dive into the Tales of the Trench Coat

Burberry Ion Orchard store singapore

Upon entering the boutique, the real life mock up of a Burberry work bench — complete with replica tools and templates — greets you, followed by a 14-piece display of current and archival trench coats chronicling the evolution and artistry of the icon between the years 2005 and 2017.  

Venture further, and be regaled with the Burberry days of yore. An insight into the brand's integral role in the expeditions of notable mavericks Sir Ernest Shackleton and pilot Betty Greene includes mannequins outfitted in gabardine during their respective coups. It it these milestones that have cemented the Burberry name as a maestro of weatherproof wear over the years. 

Burberry Ion Orchard store singapore

The exhibition then culminates with "The Portrait Studio" — the bedrock of the brand's recent February 2017 show, inspired by artist Henry Moore's sculptures. An intimate space offering an immersive touch-and-feel experience by replicating the studio's original set-up, fans of the brand can count on getting up close and personal with the heart of Christopher Bailey's latest collection. 

Visit Tales of a Trench Coat from now till 23 April at the Burberry store located at L1, Ion Orchard.

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Text: Andrea Sim

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