Burberry's Heritage trench coats can now be monogrammed

Burberry's Heritage trench coats can now be monogrammed

Start personalising

Text: Andrea Sim

Stake your claim and put an individualistic spin on your iconic all-weather trench coat from Burberry

The leading English purveyor of quality goods has recently launched the monogramming service for their line of Heritage Trench Coats. With a colourful legacy that counts Thomas Burberry as the inventor of garbadine — a lightweight, water-repellent fabric that birthed the original trench coat — the timeless outerwear promises mileage and enduring appeal. The short of it? It's a hardy, must-have investment piece for both women and men alike, be it on crisp, summer days or biting winter evenings.

Burberry's latest endeavour piles on the incentive to bite the bullet and snag a piece of your own. Choose from an array of 15 hues of threads (honey, forest green, fuchsia and red, to name a few) and up to three initials to be discretely embroidered on the innerside. Positioned near the hip, a cool summer breeze is all it takes to reveal a tasteful flash of the monogram and the all-round stately detailing of Burberry's font

Burberry's Heritage trench coats can now be monogrammed (фото 1)

New to the business of trench coat shopping? Here's a mini introduction for both women and men: You'll want to try on the Chelsea and Sandringham fits for a sleek, close-to-body silhouette, and opt for the Kensington and Westminster styles for a breezier cut. Lastly, the Wiltshire (only for men) comes with raglan sleeves, perfect for gents who love themselves that extra effect of constrast. And, if you have a mini-me, they'll hardly feel left out — Burberry's childrenswear trench coats can now be personalised, too.

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Like to envison your personalised trench coat before committing? Hop on over to here, and get experimenting with the monogramming tool. The Heritage Trench Coat monogramming service is now available online and at Burberry boutiques.