Instant gratification: Burberry to play by its own retail calendar

Instant gratification: Burberry to play by its own retail calendar

Runway to retail

Text: Andrea Sim

Burberry's collections will soon be purchasable immediately after their runway shows

In the now fast moving world of fashion where the five month wait for a collection's pieces to enter stores seems like eternity with the prevelance of social media, Burberry leads the charge on what could become a fashion revolution. With CFDA having raised the issue, the need for immediacy makes sense. You've seen the clothes once on the runway, a couple of times on Snapchat, and a dozen other instances on Instagram. By the time the collection hits the stores, its fanfare and brand new sparkle has long dulled.

Discussing the rationale for the brand's decision to combine their womenswear and menswear runways to show two "seasonless" collections a year, Burberry's chief executive officer Christopher Bailey revealed to Business of Fashion: "You create a lot of energy when you do the shows and then you close the doors and say, 'Forget about it now because it won't be in the stores for five or six months.' And then you've got to create that energy again.

But, to what extent of immediacy is Bailey promising?

"Instantly. Bear with us — we’ve never done this before — but the objective is we will have the show at 2pm on Tuesday afternoon, and by the time the show’s finished, we will have set up our retail stores to reflect the show", the designer affirmed.

To find out more about the heart and logistics behind the soon-to-be "seasonless" collections, read the full exclusive interview with Business of Fashion here