Bulgari’s Pop Wishes holiday campaign recreates the joy of unwrapping presents on Christmas morning

Santa, are you listening?

Text: Ryan Sng

Most yuletide imagery tends to skew snowy and cool, a metaphor for the cold, deadened hearts of the serious-fashion set. But Bulgari's love of all things vibrant and colourful shines through the brand's Pop Wishes holiday campaign. Bags, watches and Bulgari's trademark serpentine jewels are photographed against tangerine, violet and turquoise halftone-dotted backdrops, emerging from boxes, winding sinuously around fairy lights and satin ribbon, or hatching like chicks from baubles.

Evoking the gleeful orgy of torn paper and denuded boxes that is Christmas morning, Pop Wishes has us putting in a last-minute appeal to Saint Nick for carbon of the diamond — rather than coal — variety (we'll be better next year, we swear)


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