British model Stella Tennant passes away, Erdem talks inclusive sizing, and more

British model Stella Tennant passes away, Erdem talks inclusive sizing, and more

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Text: Emily Heng

Iconic British model, Stella Tennant, dies.

Her family confirmed the news of her sudden death at the age of 50. "Stella was a wonderful woman and an inspiration to us all," they wrote in a statement to press. "She will be greatly missed." BBC reported that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding her demise, and that a memorial service will be announced in due time.


Erdem announces future plans for inclusive sizing.

The fashion house is one of the few luxury labels that offers their designs in sizes above UK16. Still, they have opted to take it one step further — the team has stepped forward to announce that all collections will be available in sizes that go up to a UK22. Kudos, we say.


Marine Serre has teamed up with A$AP Rocky's creative collective, AWGE, to drop a fun new line.

The Regenerated capsule collection is made up of 75% restored materials; harbours Serre's iconic moon print (of course); and comes in a variety of silhouettes and styles including denim patchwork jackets, hooded dresses, and more. The rapper later released a statement with regard to their union. "Collaborations come and go, this was more of a partnership where Marine and I were able to celebrate the things we admire about one another's creativity," he stated.


Valentino features the Hiltons in their latest campaign.

Before there were the Kardashians, we had the Hiltons: Paris, Nicky, and Kathy. The trio were featured in Valentino's ads adorned in their newest collection and carrying the Valentino Garavani Roman Stud Bag. The photos were shot in Los Angeles's Hotel Bel-Air, where the Hiltons formerly resided for a period. Paris was, notably, captured while taking a selfie with what appears to be the latest iPhone. Some things don't change, huh?


Miu Miu unveils their first-ever upcycled collection.

You heard it right. Each garment is entirely one-of-a-kind; a range of vintage dresses reworked and transformed by the label meticulously sourced from consignment clothing stores and markets all over the world. All works have been created by hand and contain revered Miu Miu detailing in the vein of silk collars and diamanté embellishments.


Kate Moss has released her own jewellery collection with Messika.

The partnership first took off when Messika founder, Valérie Messika, met Moss at the Ritz in Paris two years ago. "I noticed she was wearing a lot of jewellery, and I was curious to know the stories behind her jewels," Messika told the Cut. "That's when I discovered that Kate was obsessed with jewellery, particularly high-jewellery pieces." She later asked Moss if she would like to co-design a high-jewelry collection, which resulted in the recently-launched collection comprising long necklaces, bangles, and more.


Coach taps Kaia Gerber and Cole Sprouse to be the face of their newest partnership.

The stars were photographed sporting shearling jackets with Mickey's face on them. And not just any Mickey Mouse, we might add, but legendary artist Keith Haring's interpretation of the famed rodent. Models and notable figures Xiao Wen Ju, Myles O' Neal, and Kōki were featured as well.


Daily Paper and Off-White will be building Ghana's first skate park.

From what we know, the park will be located in the heart of Acca. Funds will be raised via the sales of a T-shirt created by both labels, as well as a capsule collection with Surf Ghana launching online and via a pop-up in Ghana. A historic moment, indeed.


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