Why we're excited about Bimba Y Lola's fall/winter collection


Text: Andrea Sim

The Spanish label brings the thrill of racing to the fall season

It's an understatement to say that Bimba Y Lola takes their inspirations very seriously. But in comparison to the Maasai, Jules Verne and Grecian imbued collections of the last couple of seasons, fall 2017's #ThisIsSpeed takes the cake.

Think: Cars. Motorcycles. Spaceships. Race Tracks. Helmets. All tied together by logomania — a nod at the flurry of branding seen at motorcross championships — splashed across tote bags and straps. And if that's not enough to convince you that the label beckons a thrilling, speed-inspired fall season, just wait for the accessories. Of which, cars strung on necklaces and bracelets actually light up.

Heads up, we're racing you to the next rave.

Available at Bimba Y Lola boutiques from August 2017. 


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