Beyond The Vines welcomes 'Life', an ever-evolving concept store

Beyond The Vines welcomes 'Life', an ever-evolving concept store

Mandarin Gallery pop-up

Text: Andrea Sim

The local brand's latest venture is a taste of how retail is evolving in Singapore

What do consumers want? A question many brick-and-mortar owners constantly ask themselves in the current age of e-retail, we're sure. For Singapore label Beyond The Vines (BTV), founders Rebecca Ting and Daniel Chew are not satisfied with the same old retail routine: walking into a shop, perusing, trying on and then purchasing. We saw an inkling of this with the brand's inaugural and flagship store opening at Mandarin Gallery — choosing to complement their wares with one-of-a-kind art installations by local artists. Their Life pop-up store, takes them further down this path.

Located one level down from their first boutique in Mandarin Gallery, the only constant about Life — like its name suggests — is that it's ever-evolving. Now, it's a merch stand offering BTV products from logo tees to water bottles, dad caps and stationary, but swing by three months later and it might just be a concept space purveying laundry detergent and fabric softener. Of course, it's all bolstered by an Insta-worthy design. Dreamt up by founders Ting and Chew — witnessing the innovative retail scene in Japan and Korea first-hand — Life intends to inject some, you guessed it, 'life' back into the Singapore retail scene.

So despite the tide of conversation about brick-and-mortar's decline — the problem, fashion regarded as a sole destination and singular attraction — BTV is giving the shopping millennial ample reason to return to in-store retail. With the allure of novel and tactile stimulants, both fashion and otherwise, they're fronting the promise of truly engaging the shopper offline. Stumbling upon a pretty new buy, appended.

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Beyond The Vines Life is located at #01-K01, Mandarin Gallery, 333 Orchard Road.