Berluti's Alessandro Spada shoe gets a sporty facelift

Berluti's Alessandro Spada shoe gets a sporty facelift

Classic meets modern

Text: Pramila G Jolene Khor

This one's for the gentleman who's not willing to compromise on the timelessness of a Berluti or the swag of an AirMax

Known for its offbeat classicism and technical virtuosity, Berluti has found its way into every gentleman's wardrobe. You know a brand takes pride in its craftsmanship when the couches in its boutiques are made from the same leather as its footwork. And yet, no two Berluti shoes are quite the same, thanks to its inventive patina, a unique leather dyeing process that gives the hide an antiquated touch, recreating the kind of depth that only time — or in this case, a pair of very skilled hands — can impart on skins.

This summer, Berluti takes on the patina again, by reimagining one of its icons, the Alessandro Spada, into a sport shoe. Well, a sort of sport shoe. Some key details will never falter. As always, the signature five-eyelet Oxford lace-up is made of a single piece of supple Venezia leather. What the heritage house has done is replace the wooden sole with an off-white lug-cut microfoam, sharp as a blade, light as the air.

Also new to spring/summer 2017 is the blue patina Berluti named Aveiro, which is essentially a shot of Red Bull to the timeless Mattone brown. Catch them both below...

The Alessando Spada is available across all Berluti stores.