Bang On The Door’s Groovy Chick is back with an ASOS x Daisy Street collaboration

Bang On The Door’s Groovy Chick is back with an ASOS x Daisy Street collaboration

Homegirl's back

Text: Cheryl Lai-Lim

Image: Instagram | @daisystreetcouk

It may be 2020 but we're still hooked on revisiting the past, as evidenced from the return of vintage baguette bags; the rise of TV reboots; and the launch of a Friends-inspired makeup collection. Perhaps it's because the past reminds us of a simpler time that didn't include phrases like pandemic, lockdown and work from home, but whatever it is, we're here for it. This time, making a blast from the past appearance is the OG Y2K girl: Groovy Chick.

For all you Gen-Zs unfamiliar with the '90s icon, Groovy Chick (and her countless friends like Funky Girl, Milkshake Girl, Roller Babe) was created by Bang On The Door. From stationery to water bottles to bedding covers, you could find the "first design-led tween queen" plastered on all sorts of merchandise possible. Think of Groovy Chick as the Dior Saddle Bag or Nike Air Max of her day. If you had a form of her wares, you were considered cool back then. With her crop top, tasselled low-rise flares and Jacquemus-like vintage mini bag, some would even argue that Groovy Chick remains a fashion icon to this day.

Now, the cult character has made a glorious comeback thanks to ASOS. The fashion retailer has partnered with clothing brand Daisy Street to offer up two tees — one green with a front-print and one white with a back-print — both emblazoned with her grinning mug. Given the popularity of Groovy Chick, both tees have already flown off the (virtual) shelves.

Whilst there have been no news from ASOS regarding a restock, you can still grab some of Groovy Chick's merch — including tops, bags and mugs — from the Bang On The Door website. And who knows? With the perpetual popularity of Groovy Chick proven, we trust we'll be seeing more of her in the future.