Reinventing the classics: Bally collaborates with graffiti street artist, André Saraiva

Bally x André

Text: Bianca Husodo

Image: Bally

Mr. A — André Saraiva's cheery, stick figure with a top hat — makes an appearance on Bally's iconic leather goods

A design camaraderie between a luxury house of rich heritage and a street graffiti artist who doubles up as a nightlife impresario sounds unlikely, but that was exactly what Bally design director Pablo Coppola took on when he joined forces with artist André Saraiva for an exclusive capsule collection.

While reimagining the Swiss house’s boots, Saraiva rediscovered his own pair from Bally which he bought at a vintage sale in 1973. Intrigued by their charm, the boots have since become a part of Saraiva’s go-to look. This idea of everyday appeal led to a classic assortment of small leather goods, embossed with the artist’s signature cartoon character, Mr. A. From boots and travel wallets to trunks, the Bally x André capsule collection is available at selected stores in Japan, Europe and the US. If you’re heading to any of these countries, make sure to get your hands on these frisky collectibles before they fly off the shelves.

The Bally x André collection is available in selected Bally stores and online in Japan, Europe and US.