These statement T-shirts speak louder than words

These statement T-shirts speak louder than words

What say you?

Text: Jolene Khor

It's a foolproof way to get your message out into the world

They say talk is cheap. Most days, we're inclined to nod in agreement. With our thumbs in constant meeting with keypads, our nimble fingers transcribing our every train of thought on keyboards, we have oversaturated our digital hemisphere with words deserving of more weight and meaning than those we have assigned. But if the message is meant for good, if it serves a greater purpose than provocation and aims to inspire action from the wearer and among its audience, then we're all for it.

Take "me too", the two words — heartbreaking as they are — planting seeds of courage globally, uniting women and men against sexual assault. Take "love is love", reminding us that love is a human right, meant for all without prejudice.

Armani Exchange has a few things they want to say too, such as "TALK. DON'T SHOUT" and "SPEAK. DON'T SWIPE", on its latest collection of T-shirts in red, white and black. Split is our decision to name a favourite. "CARE, DON'T 'SHARE''" hits home the plight of hashtag activism while "HOST. DON'T POST" echoes the millennial obsession with realtime documentation, often missing the point of having company to begin with.

Talk about a conversation starter — pun intended.

Available at Armani Exchange Ion Orchard #B1-03, Takashimaya Shopping Centre #B1-03 and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands #B2-15.