American Music Awards 2015: Black beauties

Dark opulence

American Music Awards 2015: Black beauties
The night was filled with dark dresses as glamorous as they are deadly

The 2015 American Music Awards red carpet oozed dangerous allure last night with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Gwen Stefani. Streamed with an array of dark dramatic ensembles, we welcome you to the black parade.

Upon recent release of her new single about her unfaithful husband, Gwen Stefani slays yet again with a bewitching outfit. Nothing screams power and mystery more than an extravagant cape against a sheer skirt to highlight her towering figure. Arriving shortly after is Kylie Jenner. As if taking over the internet is not enough, conquering the red carpet should also be considered a Kardashian expertise. Exquisitely draped in leather and metal, Kylie Jenner dominated the floor like a warrior princess. Other starlets with equally dark and captivating frocks include Ciara, Betty Cantrell, Lauren Jauregui. Be careful, these looks may kill. Don't say we didn't warn you.
AMAs Black 3

AMAs Black 5

AMAs Black 6

AMAs Black 4

AMAs Black 2

Text: Indah Jayanti

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