Alber Elbaz leaves Lanvin: The 10 best moments of his career

Alber Elbaz leaves Lanvin: The 10 best moments of his career

Larger than life

Text: Andrea Sim

Image: Lancôme,

Alber Elbaz and Lanvin calls it quits after 14 years. We reminisce the 10 best moments to come out of the decade and a half long union

It's tough to see fashion's nice guy — or 'teddy bear', as some affectionally call him — booted out of the house he's so lovingly tended to for more than a decade. Appointed the creative director of Lanvin in 2001, Alber Elbaz dedicated 14 years at the brand spinning confections that had women falling head over heels in love with.

But at the designer's recent speech where he was honoured at the Fashion Group International's Night of Stars, his bouyant spirit seemed different from before, "And we designers, we started as couturiers, with dreams, with intuition, with feeling, we thought, What do women want? What do women need? What can I do for a woman to make her life better and easier? How can I make a woman more beautiful? That is what we used to do. Then we became "creative directors," [and so we] have to create, but mostly direct. And now we have to become image-makers, creating a buzz, making sure that it looks good in the pictures."

His official parting statement sheds light that the brand's owner Shaw-Lan Wang made the tough call, "At this time of my departure from Lanvin on the decision of the company's majority shareholder, I wish to express my gratitude and warm thoughts to all those who have worked with me passionately on the revival of Lanvin over the last 14 years," Business of Fashion reported

Elbaz might no longer be at the helm of Lanvin to whip up the clothes we women dream of, but we'll always have his endearing, effervescent moments he's so famously recognised for. Here, we remember the 10 best instances that occured during his marriage to Lanvin. 

1. Singing at his 10th anniversary
Other designers might take a run down their runway (here's looking at you, Alexander Wang), but not Elbaz. Taking to the mike on his 10th anniversary (fall/winter 2013) show for Lanvin, he serenaded his audience with a rendition of Que Sera Sera.

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2. Lanvin for H&M Haute Couture runway show
The buzz might be surrounding Balmain x H&M right now, but remember Lanvin's Haute Couture show for the fast fashion label? The floral delight culminated in Anna Dello Russo dressed in a saccharine pink frock walking a grey poodle. 

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3. His l0ve for illustrations
Elbaz's illustrations has a knack for putting a smile on one's face. The vivid hues and sense of youthfulness and whimsy are charming, to say the very least. The Lancôme x Lanvin collaboration in particular, had beauty junkies in a frenzy over the adorable collection. 

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4. He's allergic to 'cool' 
Being cool is something nobody openly admits to craving but most desire to be deep down. Not this designer, though. At his FW13 show, he boldly stated that he's "allergic to the word cool". You go, Elbaz. 

5. A jig at the Lanvin 125th anniversary show
As we said, runs, bows, the coy wave, we've seen all that before. But an adorable jig and turning the tables by applauding the audience at Lanvin's 125th anniversary show is Elbaz's jam. That, and his usual boyish skip after each show. 

6. He's besties with Jessica Alba
Usually in the front row at the designer's shows, Alba has more than once professed her adoration for Elbaz. The starlet of Sin City badassery and fashion's teddy bear are undeniably a cute platonic pairing. 

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7. Lanvin and Acne Haute Denim collaboration
Back in 2008, Elbaz desgined a line of denim for the then cult label Acne, spawning sleek dresses and boyish shirts in the utilitarian fabric. Clearly, Elbaz was and is 'cool', but the best part is that he doesn't even know it. 

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8. He's designed a dress for Minnie Mouse
To commerate the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris in 2013, Elbaz designed a dress for Walt Disney's Minnie Mouse. The royal blue masterpiece was heavily embellished, with 'love' scrolled across the chest. How could you possibly resist that?

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9. Alber Elbaz's 10th year anniversary book of 3,000 photographs
Elbaz made sure that every single person involved in Lanvin would appear in the book — right down to the cleaning lady.  

10. Providing refreshments at runway shows
From heart shaped cookies to salami baguettes and red wine at SS09 and ice cream the spring before (SS08), Elbaz knows how to feed his audience. Great food and stunning clothes? It's no wonder why there's nothing quite like a Lanvin show. Yummy.