Adidas Originals' new collab with Daniëlle Cathari proves that athleisure is far from dead

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Text: Jolene Khor

The first Adidas Originals x Daniëlle Cathari drop sold out in nine minutes in February. Just saying

It happened the way every modern success story began — with a young protégé on a journey. That road they traverse is not untaken; it often takes those in search of inspiration back to their past. To the early days, a place of purity, of inception, where there is only room for the bare basics. There, they pay homage to the original. The Original.

For Dutch designer Daniëlle Cathari, her destiny with Adidas dates back to her adolescence, during which she spent a heavy majority of her 12-years as a gymnast in the retro German tracksuits. Spells of young adulthood and several semesters at Amsterdam Fashion Institute later, a professional serendipity led her to design renaissance: her deconstruction of the tracksuits not unlike those familiar to her younger twin, remastered and updated, earned nods of approval from Alexander Wang — and Adidas. Subsequent chapters is common news to hypebaes: four Adidas Originals x Daniëlle Cathari coloured tracksuits, each representing New York, London, Paris and Shanghai hit the shelves... and sold out in minutes.

"It was amazing to work with Adidas Originals; it was truly collaborative," Cathari said to Women's Wear Daily. "It's really a mix: 50% of the Adidas DNA, 50% of my DNA. I did integrate, as a starting point, the classic Nineties three-stripe details and snap buttons. Next to that I added my signature, which is reimagining classics like deconstruction elements and working with contrasts." 

Back for a second coming, Cathari's next drop, a 10-piecer, is poised for a release this weekend. As she continues on the path of the '90s and the noughties, she also matures beyond the tracksuit, applying her youthful principles to more feminine shapes. Note the boldly colour-blocked knit sweatshirts with matching drawstring miniskirts, bodycon T-shirt dresses with diagonal ruching, and a decidedly sexy bustier top worn with high-waist track pants above.

Adidas Originals x Daniëlle Cathari will be available on 5 May at Adidas Originals Pacific Plaza.


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