A Kenzo x Kansai Yamamoto collab is coming our way, Balenciaga does video games, and more

A Kenzo x Kansai Yamamoto collab is coming our way, Balenciaga does video games, and more

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Text: Emily Heng

Fashion luminaries Kenzo Takada and Kansai Yamamoto will be dropping a capsule line.

Available globally on 30 November, the project was dreamt up prior to both Takada's and Yamamoto's passing in 2020. Kenzo's Creative Director, Felipe Oliveira Baptista, had acquired their blessing before going forth with the venture, designing a slew of pieces that married both sensibilities. This is conveyed through artworks from Kansai's archives melded and modified with classic prints from Kenzo; Japanese iconography; and animalia. "I believe this is probably how both Kenzo and Kansai would have liked to be remembered," Baptista said in a statement. "Both who dedicated their lives to infuse joy into the world through their work. What a delightful idea to start a dialogue between these two pioneers and punks of fashion."


Balenciaga is debuting their AW21 collection with their very own video game.

Named Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow, it is set in the year 2031 and will take players through various challenges, zones, and interactions. Ultimately, the goal is to showcase their latest range, as well as "the projected future in which it is intended to be worn." Very cool — as is the fact that users will be able to transcend into a "virtual utopia" after completing the game. We have no idea what that means, but we're excited to find out. Try your hand at it come 6 December.


Megan Thee Stallion responds to the allegations that she featured stolen designs for her Fashion Nova collab.

The item in question? The Chase the Bag Shoulder Pad Mini Dress. Independent designer, Aazhia, claims that Stallion's piece is a rip-off of her own TLZ L'Femme Dress, and that she was "very much taken back by the lack of respect for another Black woman." Stallion has since addressed the allegations on The Morning Hustle, denying her involvement in any form of plagiarism. "A lot of times, [my team] won't even bring me... They don't tell me who they talking to," she said. "I've probably never heard of you. And if I have, I've never seen that dress before. But it's been a dress that has been done a lot over the years." This, naturally, only drew further ire from Aazhia, who deemed Megan's statement "condescending." Eep.


Telfar Clemens gives a first look at his upcoming partnership with UGG.

The legendary Telfar Shopper Bag gets an upgrade in the form of a suede finish and shearling trim. Pre-orders begins on 30 November for 24 hours only — the product will arrive between March to June 2021 once your order goes through. Special Telfar holiday cards, however, are available and will be sent out by December 22, so you can let your loved one know you scooped 'em a Telfar tote. And that's not all on the UGG front...


UGG has released an exclusive collection at Nordstrom.

The full line-up "contrasts a gritty, wintry feel with the warmth of a California sunset, meshing dark shades with pops of bold color," a homage to New York's dazzling, fast-moving energy during the holidays. That's fuzzy slingback sandals, lined boots, and faux fur jackets that are fashion-forward and comfortable in equal measure.


Model Halima Aden is leaving the fashion industry.

She explains the reason behind her departure in an Instagram post, elaborating that she refuses to compromise on her religious beliefs any further — something which Aden has done in the past to advance her modeling career. "I can only blame myself for caring more about opportunity than what was actually at stake," she wrote on Instagram Stories. She did, however, thank Rihanna for allowing her to wear the hijab she brought on set. "This is the girl I'm returning to," she said, in reference to the campaign. "The real Halima."


Cousin Greg from hit HBO show, Succession, is releasing his own line of merch.

This includes hoodies, joggers, t-shirts, reversible face masks, and caps — all of which are emblazoned with the word "antibodies" over it. He also decided to give away five of his sweatsuits to people within the comments in commemoration of the launch. How generous.