5 things you need from Pomelo's new SS17 collection

5 things you need from Pomelo's new SS17 collection

Cool for the summer

Text: Jolene Khor

Get your fashion fix on the Pomelo website today
Here's something for you to kick those Monday blues to the curb: Pomelo's spring/summer 2017 collection has officially launched on its website. The e-tailer (free shipping, guys!), known for their climate-friendly interpretations of the latest street styles, has dropped several trends key to the season. From roomy boudoir separates to sleek hardware, here are the five pieces we're injecting into our wardrobe. Race you to the shopping cart.


If this shirt had a name, it would be Business In The Front, Party At The Back, with the former referring to its classic shape and style and the latter, the open back held together with soft knots. Pair with distressed denim and slides with socks for day; swap for wrap skirt and glitter booties or these new Manolo Blahnik heels for night. PS: Stock up on nipple stickers.

Ultimate Summer Pomelo Ji-woo Bow Tie Open Back Top



Hugh Hefner, we're coming for your digs. This major velvet crush works as a standalone (cute with a little lace bra making a small appearance underneath), or as a layering piece atop seasonless staples. Leggings with secret pockets works for long trips up in the air, or throw on a statement belt and this to-die-for Chanel bag for nine to five. Easy peasy.

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Petite figures, listen up. We get it — life can be a little unfair; most things don't fit right on your frames and having to take in almost everything you buy is a big pain. You don't have to here. Thankfully, the pyjama trend has taken a permanent residency in fashion, as seen on the streets of New York City. The long lines on Pomelo's pieces below will give you arms and legs for days. #somuchwin

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You know what looks really expensive? All beige everything (even makeup) — provided you can keep it clean 24/7, of course — like this 2-in-1 here. Also, because this perforated top and shorts combo screams outdoors, consider ditching the basic b*tch T-shirt and shorts for our pick when you're heading to a garden party or a champagne brunch. Don't be lazy.

5 things you need from Pomelo's new SS17 collection (фото 3)


... not off shoulder tops. Reason as follows: cut outs are infinitely cooler than the girly shoulder shake of off shoulders, particularly those on long tunic-esque lengths, dancy ribbons and blue collar pinstripes. Best little companions? Ankle cuffs, stackable rings and bracelets and logomania bags. Just maybe not all at once.

5 things you need from Pomelo's new SS17 collection (фото 4)

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