5 new fashion brands on Net-a-Porter to sink your teeth into

5 new fashion brands on Net-a-Porter to sink your teeth into

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Text: Jolene Khor

Love the boxy shapes of Y/PROJECT or the throwback discotheque that is Hillier Bartley? Net-a-Porter's got them all

The designer duo behind the London label, Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier, went from best friends to collaborators in late ‘90s. Their love child, Hillier Bartley, is all about that rah-rah glamour and unapologetic, rakish temperaments inspired by their personal heroes, namely David Bowie, Brian Eno, Francis Bacon, even Oscar Wilde. Highlights: kimono tops, holographic hypnotism and Thai money bag bottoms. 

Founded 8 years ago in Vienna, Petar Petrov's eponymous line is a marriage of fluidity and masculine-meets-feminine silhouettes. His striking stripes and subtle proportion play from the spring drop are inspired by 21st century central Europe, of which he says, "If products and ideas have quality they do not loose value – this is the tenant of Viennese modernism I want to honour today."

Creativity is in the blood of Battaglia. Her sister was a fashion editor (the name Giovanna Engelbert née Battaglia aka @bat_gio sound familiar?), her father a painter and mum works with sculptures. While bags are still very much her expertise — her collaboration with Salvatore Ferragamo is pride-tastic — she's injected the same whims and fancies to a ready-to-wear collection. Behold ruffles, big girl pants and an overdose of plissé.

What's gender got to do with it? Everything and nothing. Glenn Martens, an Antwerp Royal Academy alumnus, has been bending gender rules (or rather, obliterating them) since founding the Parisian house in 2013. His best works are often marked by his affinity for oversized deconstruction, where pieces are modifiable as they are malleable, e.g. adjustable sleeves and hems.

New York City is a steady source of inspiration for many designers. On this, the Manhattan native Johnson is no exception. While her roots remain, she's always looked far and beyond, mixing her urban affection with a bohemian rhapsody. This result in an eclectic collection with a healthy range of colourful crochet, Turkish patchworks, commodious denim classics and staple linen dresses, made for summers in sweltering cities.