Watch now: Is it possible to parkour in menswear?

Watch now: Is it possible to parkour in menswear?


Text: Norman Tan

Video: Kai Goh

Why the ZZEGNA fall/winter 2015 collection is perfect for traversing poles and executing backflips

Italian menswear and Parkour? 

They might sound like strange bedfellows, but fusing tailoring and sportswear, ZZEGNA has mastered the art of crafting menswear for the active gentleman. Think: Fine Italian wools and authentic Irish tweeds coexisting with laser-cut technology; deconstructed coats in Techmerino (a natural performance wool with a waterproof, yet breathable, quality); and sophisticated suede sneakers enriched with ultralight heat-sealing details.   

Whether it's running for the morning train, weaving through rush hour traffic, or indeed, leaping over walls and railings, the fall/winter 2015 collection from ZZEGNA is the complete wardrobe that lets you perform at your best, without sacrificing on style.

Click below to see the gents at MOVE Academy Singapore parkour in ZZEGNA menswear.