How to look like a rising Indie star in Topman

How to look like a rising Indie star in Topman

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Text: Jolene Khor

The boys from The Britanys, Oli Burslem of Yak, Bakar and Benny Mails get a makeover

Good: Sounding like Moby. Bad: Dressing like Moby. Good: Sounding like Radiohead. Bad: Dressing like Radiohead. Good: Sounding like Ed Sheeran. Bad: You get the idea.

With all due respect to the above acts, as successful as they are on the Billboard charts, their wardrobes leave much to be desired much of the time. Not that record sales and Youtube hits always come hand in hand with an expensive stylist, but not every musician can get away with docking their style to rely solely on talent in 2017, when music is free and Instagram likes (generated by a well-curated feed) is the digital currency. 

What British label Topman has in mind: An overhaul. Dressing some of the indie scene's most promising faces — namely Camden's own Bakar, The Britanys from Brooklyn, Yak frontman Oli Burslem and grime artist Benny Mails of South London — Topman unveils a fresh take on the good ol' rock star routine with daring patterns, vibrant outerwear and devoré shirts from its winter collection. 

If you've a keen ear for emerging artists, you've heard how the boys drop the 'tude on the music. Now see how they do the same with Topman's wintry digs. But first, a few styling tips to point you in the right direction.

Oliver Burslem

1. Get wild with prints
Stripes, meet paisley. Houndstooth, meet scales. The trick to a great mash-up is mixing patterns of different proportions. Clean, geometric prints like the stripes on Oliver Burslem quiets the noise that is the paisley, while the beige scales ground the dizzying houndstooth.

2. Embrace your femininity
A man who wouldn't touch florals is man not to be trusted. Bakar's Japanese geisha shirt below and the red blouse on Steele Kratt (the drummer from The Britany's), worn with a gold necklace in the group shot on top, reads, "I'm in touch with my softer side." Sexy.

3. Get into the hood
A hoodie alone can be sloppy if you're not careful. A hoodie under a coat or a wool robe however, is bona fide badass. See more examples here.

4. Structured pieces can do no wrong
Even the most secure of men have doubts. When it hits, pull out that blazer. It will smarten up everything, from old tees to Hawaiian shirts. Dark slim jeans with carefully hiked hems have the same appeal.

5. Mix business with pleasure
Trousers with shirts can be described as reliable, just as it can be described as predictable. Shake things up by swapping out the button downs with a sporty nylon jacket. Better yet, make it printed and in acid hue. Benny Mails (he's the one seated closest to floor above) knows what's up.

Check out the campaign, as styled by British GQ Style Editor, Luke Day: