Here's how you can emulate James Bay's tour wardrobe

Here's how you can emulate James Bay's tour wardrobe

Topman x James Bay

Text: Andrea Sim

Topman's latest collaboration shines the spotlight on the English crooner's stage threads

We've lost count the number of times James Bay's album, 'Chaos and the Calm', has lent an anthem to the moments of our lives. On a love lost, a dear one missed, and coming to terms with reality above fantasy, his lilting baritone is as distinguishable across the airwaves as his all-occasion fedora and lean silhouette on stage and the red carpet. But here's where Bay has more to pull out of his hat. 

An amateur illustrator beneath it all, the singer's sketchbook drawings see light on a 13-piece capsule collection with Topman — modelled after his stage wardrobe. Denim and leather jackets, satin blousons, jumpers, T-shirts, and stovepipe trousers and jeans have been rendered with Bay's sketches of hearts, skulls and hands intertwined.   

"I like my music to move people. However it happens, I don't really care; I want to create things that affect people," Bay said. "I'm going for that with these clothes as well."

A glimpse into the musician's state of mind and the full Topman x James Bay collection, below. 

Topman x James Bay:

Available at selected Topman stores worldwide from end August. 

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