How English designer Charlie Casely-Hayford has transformed Topman tailoring

How English designer Charlie Casely-Hayford has transformed Topman tailoring

A modern mandate

Text: Andrea Sim

The power of suiting from Casely-Hayford's modern perspective

Why do you wear a suit?

It can be incomprehensible for the man slipping into his two-piecer in name of bureaucracy, to see a dandy don his suit readily with aplomb. For the former, jacket and trousers are the proverbial ball and chain. But to the latter — it's elixir for the self-esteem. It squares his shoulders. It makes him stand up a little taller. His gait more assured. 

The beauty of what English label Casely-Hayford does is to afford exactly that thrill of suiting up. A finely milled concoction that's one part traditional Savile Row construction and another, an aesthetic formulated for the modern man. Lending this ethos to Topman is Charlie, one-half of the father son duo behind Casely-Hayford, whipping their suiting range into shape. 

The 10-piece capsule collection forgoes linen for technical fabrication and relaxed joggers, stripping weekend suiting of its dusty reputation. The simple use of stretch-wool in pieces meant for occassions ramps up comfort and ease of movement, affording a boost of confidence. Finally, he enlists the daring, contemporary sensibilities of the Casely-Hayford man — his pièce de résistance a silk printed kimono; the dandy's secret to flouting the rules of tailoring with panache. 

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Topman x Charlie Casely-Hayford's Fine Tailoring range is available at Topman stores from mid-June 2017.