Top three trends at Pitti Uomo 88

Top three trends at Pitti Uomo 88

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Text: Wong Renjie

Paris may set the fashion plate for women, but when it comes to menswear, it’s Italy we trust. Here’s the low-down on the top three trends at the Florentine menswear trade show

1. 50 Shades of Green
Orange might be the new black, but green is most definitely the new navy blue. From mint and pistachio to celadon and emerald, verdant tones took over so much of Pitti Uomo that one would be forgiven for thinking Greenpeace were behind it all. Paired with refreshingly light complements, it is a palette we can absolutely see ourselves in come spring/summer 2016 - 'tis the season, as it were, to be holly.

Pitti Uomo 88 - Castangia

Pitti Uomo 88 - Richard James

Pitti Uomo 88 - Broska

2. Striped Sport Coats
And we're not talking about genteel pinstripes, either. Bold, brassy, stay-away-from-your-in-laws' stripes ruled the roost this season, with enough vertical lines to make an Oxford boater blush in sartorial bashfulness. In particular, we saw a lot of textured and knitted fabrics used in conjunction with stripes, creating far more visually intricate jackets than in seasons past.

Pitti Uomo 88 - Gran Sasso

Pitti Uomo - Manuel Ritz

Pitti Uomo - Tagliatore

3. Loafers
Gone are the days of clunky boots and badass brogues: now it's all about the slip-on footwear of flâneur choice. From contrast uppers to upcycled Kelim carpets, to exotic skins, to burnished tones, to exotic skins in burnished tones — shoemakers truly pulled out all the stops (and the laces) as far as this season's shoe game was concerned.

Pitti Uomo - Arthur Sleep

Pitti Uomo 88 - Kanpekina

Pitti Uomo 88 - Paraboot