Tom Ford made-to-measure is 007's armour of choice

Born for Bond

Tom Ford made-to-measure is 007's armour of choice
Sharp dressing is a must for savvy spymasters — project your inner secret agent with Tom Ford's tailored menswear

The best undercover agent of MI6 is as famous for his slick moves, fancy gadgets and charm with the ladies as he is for his finely-cut suits. And though Bond's origins are classified, his seamster is not. Tom Ford has been the exclusive tailor to 007, played by Daniel Craig, for three Bond movies, starting from Casino Royale to Quantam of Solace, the latest of which is Spectre where James Bond will be seen sporting Tom Ford accessories in addition to the exquisite suits.

Tom Ford James Bond suit

Employing traditional English and Italian expert craftsmen techniques and the utmost quality materials, Tom Ford's made-to-measure suits are customised luxury. Constructed with sophisticated cuts and detailed by hand, each suit is a unique piece that moulds to the wearer's frame. It's clear to see why the American design house is the obvious choice — Tom Ford and James Bond both personify elegance, style and luxury.

Bond's preferences are the O'Connor and the Windsor cuts, a two-piece and three-piece suit respectively. Cut yourself a similarly debonair figure and get tailor-fitted by Tom Ford's made-to-measure specialist who will be coming down from Milan between the 23 to 25 October for private sessions to craft you a custom-made suit worthy of the world's best espionage operative.

Tom Ford James Bond suit

The Tom Ford 'James Bond suits' are available off-the-rack as well as made-to-measure. Appointments for made-to-measure are to be booked via email or by calling the Marina Bay Sands store at 6222 3778.

Spectre is opening in cinemas on 26 October.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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