Looking for footwear? Here's how to pick your absolute essentials

Looking for footwear? Here's how to pick your absolute essentials

Text: Andrea Sim

Bluchers, chukkas or monkstraps? With enough options to confound even the dandiest gent, we recommend a trinity of indispensibles that'll have you jumping in with both feet

Reaching for your singular pair of 'work' shoes come the weekend is never a good sign, but staying in to brush a horde of sneakers into pristine oblivion is twice the concern. In the words of the sage sartorialist (and novelist) Oscar Wilde: "Everything in moderation, including moderation." For all lost souls — and hype-led sneakerheads who've had a change of heart — we propose the three key silhouettes you really need. Just think of it as taking the Marie Kondo approach to your shoe edit, but yet, still acing it. 

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Grenson x Neighbourhood leather derby

Why it's winning: Unlike the usual go-to boardroom shoe that's a one trick pony, derbies are prized for its versatility. Likely to be cut with a shorter vamp than an Oxford's elongated tip, extend your mileage by taking them out for a tipple with the boys come Saturday night. 

Our choice pick: Settle for nothing less than a handmade pair by Grenson, complete with Goodyear welted soles that'll keep both feet planted firmly on the ground. Designed in collaboration with Neighbourhood, the pine green elastic makes for handsome detailing and ease of wear. 

Match it with:
 Greys, blues, reds, whites and black.


Thom Browne wingtip lace-up boots

Why it's winning: Sid, Iggy, and Morrissey. You'll be hard pressed to find any enigmatic music legend who didn't rock out in a pair of solid boots. Thriving way beyond its humble utilitarian beginnings, the lace-up boot adds a raffish edge to even the most cookie-cutter of ensembles.

Our choice pick: There's a reason why Thom Browne is lauded as the master of suits and accessories. With his dandy approach to school boy sensibilities, these brogued versions — enhanced with the brand's classic tri-colour strap and heel tab — are top of the line for the man looking to introduce some flair. And guess what? It's no coincidence that Bowie was a fan of Thom Browne, too. 

Match it with: Slim-fit jeans, or tailored trousers that sit high on the ankle. Blouson, optional. 


Undercover low-top sneakers 

Why it's winning: There's no turning back from the sneaker bender that the world's been binging on, and the elementary white pair is really a footwear fundamental. No longer seconded to the tennis courts, break them in on casual Friday, or simply, any day of the week — it's hard to fault a man for parading his plushest kicks.
Our choice pick: Up the routine canvas sneaker with this graffitti-loaded, leather beauty by Undercover. A hint of designer Jun Takahashi's punk inspirations, the thick rubber soles add an extra inch height-wise on top of supreme comfort. Sweet. 

Match it with: Seriously, anything at all.  

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