Suit up: Haber is your new made-to-order menswear service

Suit up: Haber is your new made-to-order menswear service

Tailored fit

Text: Angelyn Kwek

For the man who seeks that middle ground between bespoke and off-the-rack, Haber meets your needs

A well-fitted suit tends to bring to mind an upscale boutique and many tedious fittings before it is ready for wear. But that scenario can now be done away with as Haber steps in to fulfil the missing market where made-to-order meets a shorter tailoring period without compromising on quality and details.

Short for haberdashery, Haber is the first of its kind in Singapore and they are changing the menswear field with their 'archetype fit' approach. This new method is a scientifically researched procedure developed in conjunction with industry veterans, and combines body frame and size samples  the 'archetype' — with on-the-spot consultation that instantly addresses and amends errors to achieve that detailed fit.

Haber at Robinsons Heeren

In addition to their unique practice that answers fitting issues for various body types, Haber is also setting themselves apart by providing an accessible price point for a growing pool of customers who desire a hassle-free yet well tailored made-to-measure suit without the hefty retail tag. Debuting exclusively at Robinsons The Heeren, Haber syncs perfectly with the well-loved department store's extensive menswear offerings and further cements Robinsons as the ideal all-in-one shopping stop. With 200 fabric types and 500 prints, Haber is revolutionising made-to-order to higher standards that will surely satisfy the style needs of the discerning gentleman.

Haber is located at Robinsons The Heeren on Level 4, Men's department.