Watch: Cillian Murphy front a short film for Stella McCartney

Fashion thrill-ogy

Text: Andrea Sim

Sean Ellis captures the Peaky Blinders racketeer in a stirring prelude to Stella McCartney's inaugural fall/winter menswear collection

For a designer distinguished in her eco-friendly efforts, it seems only befitting that Stella McCartney's first menswear film campaign finds its locale in an unsullied forest in Buckinghamshire. Directed by long time friend Sean Ellis, it peels back the layers of the McCartney man — delving into the memories of the streetwise dandy we first saw in her spring debut.

The actor, Cillian Murphy. And the backstory is as riveting as the man whose face fronts it. Paced to the tempo of a soundtrack by Sir Paul McCartney, Ellis and Murphy build a bridge between the Stella man's symbolic past and present; weaving an enigmatic tale alluding to secrets, delving into the unconscious, and chronicling one man's cerebral journey towards clarity — through nature. 

Here, we see glimpses of McCartney's quintessential English sensibilities. A camel topcoat. A Prince of Wales suit. Murphy's closely cropped mane not unlike Tommy Shelby's in Peaky Blinders. It serves as a serendipitous prelude to the designer's melange of heritage and modernity that is her fall/winter 2017 collection, where razor sharp tailoring go hand in hand with explosive graphic knits; duffle coats coexist alongside printed tees. 

Watch the short film above, and then meet the McCartney man's dualities: