Salvatore Ferragamo ties now made-to-order

Last piece of the puzzle

Salvatore Ferragamo ties now made-to-order
The new customisable range of ties from Salvatore Ferragamo is your next step towards sartorial exclusivity

In a day and age where the adjective 'made-to-order' commonly precedes almost every article of clothing, putting together a customisable range of ties seems like a natural step for Salvatore Ferragamo's best selling accessory.

The new service offers 12 styles and 50 colourways (for their pre-fall and fall/winter 2015 collection) as well as two new lengths (140cm and 160cm). Should you fall within the blessed category where off-the-rack fits you flawlessly, opt for personalisation in the form of monogramming instead. Initials will be placed on the underside of the tie – a far more discreet and sophisticated way of wearing one's initials.

The brand celebrates the launch of their made-to-order service with short films by French filmmaker Jean-Claude Thibaut. Known for his dark, stylish films, he captures the essence of the new service in his signature style. 

The made-to-order service is now available at the Paragon boutique.

Text: Andrea Sim

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