@MusingMutley: The 10 commandments of men's style

@MusingMutley: The 10 commandments of men's style

Rules to live by

Text: Norman Tan

Image: All Instagram pictures: @MusingMutley

Norman Tan shares his top 10 menswear commandments. But what do the female editors of Buro 24/7 Singapore have to say?

1. Top off your outfit with headgear 
Why? It looks downright dapper, protects you from the sun, and saves you from doing your hair in the morning. Win.

For what it's worth: "I have just one question: 'What are you hiding under there?'" — Dora Aljoofri, Fashion Editor.  

Norman Tan street style Instagram @musingmutley

2. But which hat to buy?
Invest in the holy trinity: Wool felt fedora for slick suits, Panama for sophisticated summers, and a baseball cap for carefree weekends.

For what it's worth: "Yvette looks like she's smiling but she's really wondering why Norman always makes her feel underdressed" — Tracy Phillips, Contributing Editor

Norman Tan street style Instagram @musingmutley

3. Know the rules, and then break them 
Traditionalists advocate matching your shoes with your belt, and your socks with your trousers. But if you're after a contemporary look, that also elongates the body (bonus!), ditch the belt for a slim-fit (and flat-front) trouser. Socks? Leave them in the drawer. Bare your sole (pun totally intended) and flash some skin.

For what it's worth: "I'll bet you didn't even lunch at that café, just hijacked their #ootd worthy furniture" — Andrea Sim, Fashion Writer

Norman Tan street style Instagram @musingmutley

4. Accessories matter 
Whether it's a vintage Rollie or the glint of Cartier gold, people notice the details.

For what it's worth: "How many times do you have to check your watch to make someone notice your arm candy?" — Adibah Isa, Culture Editor

Norman Tan street style Instagram @musingmutley

5. White jeans or trousers for that rakish Italian flair 
Enough said.

For what it's worth: "Better still if they are extra tight. Who doesn't love budgie smugglers?" — Denise Kok, Lifestyle Editor

Norman Tan street style Instagram @musingmutley

6. The 'sportification of menswear' continues
Get in formation by mixing-and-matching your suits with athletic essentials such as white sneakers, the aforementioned baseball cap, and a zip-up blouson.

For what it's worth: "Nevermind that the last time you hit the gym Caitlyn was still Bruce Jenner" — Renée Batchelor, Beauty Editor

Norman Tan street style Instagram @musingmutley

7. Get a tailored suit, and get a three-piecer 
It's all about having options: The whole hog for formal occasions (think births, deaths and marriages); two-piece for the office; and a broken suit for carousing cute company.        

For what it's worth: "Seriously, it's what's underneath the clothes that count" — Adibah Isa, Culture Editor

Norman Tan street style Instagram @musingmutley

8. A black crochet tie is your sartorial savior 
Discreet enough to be worn multiple times in the same week, but interesting enough to elicit compliments upon closer inspection. Naturally, pair it with a white shirt (you can never have enough) for that classic aesthetic; or if you're more adventurous, use it to anchor colourful print or patterned shirts.

For what it's worth: "This reminds me of the time when Norman forced me to take his #ootd. Hang on, this is the photo I took for him" — Vanessa Caitlin, Photo Editor

Norman Tan street style Instagram @musingmutley

9. You can never go wrong with an oversized billowing coat
Recently, everyone from Ami to Versace has been parading this dramatic piece of outerwear on the runway. But if you're not a trend hunter, stick to the military classic — a trench coat from Burberry. Great silhouette, goes with everything, and an essential travel companion.

For what it's worth: "What you didn't see in this photo. I was there holding a fan to create the wind effect. It was not a happy time" — Renée Batchelor, Beauty Editor

Norman Tan street style Instagram @musingmutley

10. Finally, when in doubt, throw on a pair of dark shades 
Transformative, badass, and hides last night's transgressions. 

For what it's worth: "Doubles-up as your 'guilty as charged' look when leaving the courtroom with reporters hot on your heels" — Denise Kok, Lifestyle Editor 

Norman Tan street style Instagram @musingmutley

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