@MusingMutley: Top 10 gifts for guys

Christmas edition

@MusingMutley: Top 10 gifts for guys
Need help with your Christmas shopping? Norman Tan shares his top 10 fail-proof gifts for the fussy gentleman

People, it's literally less than three weeks till Christmas. Shut. The. Front. Door.

Wasn't it just yesterday that we were fussing over the selfie ban at the Cannes Film Fest, packing boxes for Singapore's top 50 influencers at part of our #BuroLovesSG50 initiative, or tucking into an açai bowl after a foot massage? Hang on, that last one literally was yesterday.

Point is: It's the most wonderful time of the year... there'll be much mistletoeing, and hearts will be glowing... Andy Williams, anyone? No?

Well, the weather outside might not be frightful, and there is no fire to keep you delightful (okay, I'll stop — promise), but the universal "What the heck do I buy Grant who has everything?" conundrum still reigns. ('Grant' seems like a good name for a guy that has everything, right?)

Fret not. Because I know it's hard to buy gifts for guys, yet alone a fussy one, here's my recommended top 10 gifts for demanding drainers — and, for convenience, all available online. Click the image, shop the collection, arrange for delivery, Christmas sorted.

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10. Gucci Tiger-Instarsia Wool Sweater 
While everyone else will be wearing a Christmas sweater with a reindeer plastered to their chest, your lucky recipient will be wearing a sweater with the tiger that killed all those reindeers. Which he has now also killed. And draped over his shoulder. Like a boss.

Top 10 Gifts for Guys — Gucci Tiger-Intarsia Wool Sweater


9. Ray-Ban Round-Frame Acetate Shades
Because his future be so bright yo! Classic. Black. Badass.

Top 10 Gifts for Guys — Ray-Ban Round-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

8. Sleepy Jones Cotton-Flannel Robe
Brushed cotton, super comfy, yet super slick. Hugh Hefner vibes sans the sexual exploitation of women part.

Top 10 Gifts for Guys — Sleepy Jones Robe

7. Globe-Trotter Attaché Case with Folio
If 'Grant' really is a fussy pain-in-the-arse, then he will already own Rimowa luggage — the aluminium hardcase, of course. But what about carry-on luggage? Try this handsome attaché made from Globe-Trotter's vulcanised fibreboard and finished with smart leather corners. Detachable folio included. Yes, included.

Top 10 Gifts for Guys — Globe-Trotter Attaché Case with Folio

6. Loewe Suede and Leather Sneakers
Pro tip: White leather sneakers are huge (certifiably Godzilla-like huge) for spring 2016. Give the trend a twist with these suede and leather kicks from the mastermind of J.W. Anderson — on point, without following the masses.

Top 10 Gifts for Guys — Loewe Leather and Suede Sneakers

5. Saint Laurent Leather Biker Jacket
How many leather jackets does one guy need? One more if he doesn't have a moto jacket dreamt up by Hedi Slimane. Cleaves to the body, softer than butter.

Top 10 Gifts for Guys — Saint Laurent Leather Biker Jacket

4. Apple iPad Pro
It ain't even Christmas yet and every self-respecting man and his toilet-trained Shiba Inu are already sporting an Apple Watch. Be an early early-adopter, and gift the newly launched Apple iPad Pro instead. Combines the functionality of a Macbook with the transportability of an iPad. In fact, I'm punching out this story on said device, using the smart cover with an in-built keyboard. Brilliant. This baby is coming with me to fashion week for shizz.

Top 10 Gifts for Guys — Apple iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard

3. Vintage Hermès Cashmere and Silk Cardigan
Because everyone needs some Hermès in their lives. Especially when it's vin-tage boys and girls, vin-tage. Bona fide steal at only 1000 buckeroonies.

Top 10 Gifts for Guys — Vintage Hermès Cashmere Cardigan

Normally 'Grant' would shake his head in disdain at a gift voucher: "So lazy, so boring; it's basically cheating." But a MRPORTER.COM voucher? "Did I ever tell you that you're my favourite [Insert: colleague/mate/occasional-person-I-call-when-lonely]?"

Top 10 Gifts for Guys — MRPORTER.COM Gift Card

1. Cartier LOVE Bracelet
In white gold. No diamonds. Size 19. You have my address right?

Top 10 Gifts for Guys — Cartier LOVE Bracelet

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