What does the Mr Porter man wear in warm weather?

What does the Mr Porter man wear in warm weather?

Just ask Mr P.

Text: Andrea Sim

Seersucker, terrycloth, and polo tees have his stamp of approval — and that of John F. Kennedy

In matters of the wardrobe, there is the adage that evaluates a man by his shoes. For instance: if they're worse for wear, chances are he's a slaphappy gent; a well cared for pair of brogues on the other hand might indicate a detail-oriented man. Instead of casting judgement solely on one's clothing, wouldn't it be more authentic to his character (and more honourable a duty) if we assessed a man by his heroes? After all, people tend to emulate the characters they place on a pedestal — just like Mr P. has done with John F. Kennedy as well as naval officer, conservationist and scientist, Jacques-Yves Cousteau. 

In the form of the April collection from Mr Porter's in-house label, rising temperatures — plus Kennedy and Cousteau's sensibilities — comes forth modest prints for cazh occasions, new summer-friendly fabrications to challenge style and mind, and texture as key to subtly elevate attire. The 34-piece range runs terrycloth T-shirts, knitted piqué polos, unlined blousons, striped and patterned camp-collar shirts, and seersucker jackets and shorts; multipurpose casualwear that gives its wearer the freedom of dressing them up or down. 

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