Mr Porter finally comes to life. The e-tailer's very own label arrives today

Mr Porter finally comes to life. The e-tailer's very own label arrives today

Meet Mr P.

Text: Andrea Sim

He's real, he's here, and he comes bearing his wardrobe. Get sartorially intimate with the gentleman that's curated many a palate

If Vogue is the lady's bible on the must-haves and need-to-knows of fashion, then the Mr Porter Journal is the man's definitive word on living his best life. He who's privy to pulling off a beanie, throwing the party of a decade, and clued in on the best coffee — regardless of his coordinates. While the religious turn to divine beings when they hit a bump in the road, others seek the opinions of the all-knowing, fictional character.

What would Mr P. do?

In matters of the wardrobe, his sensibilities are now ever more tangible, given the e-tailer's launch of an in-house label, Mr P. At its core is a stable of classics — 24 fine, 'essential styles' spanning selvedge denim, water-resistant blazers, handsome outers and the like — designed to leave one hardly wanting. But true to his MO, while fine is alright by his books, it is hardly outstanding. Conceptualised to enrich his sartorial dictionary are five additional capsule collections to be released annually, each dabbling in trends and taking inspiration from superb gentlemen who've left their mark one way or another.

It begins with the late British painter Lucian Freud, the artist's blasé, louche attitude to getting dressed evident in more than just the genre of pieces the first limited edition capsule offers. It is also down to how Mr P. has chosen to embody the character of his hero, expressing them through the ways in which he dons these garments. Meet the man above, and shop his wardrobe below. 

Mr P. by Mr Porter: 

Shop the full collection on Expect the second capsule collection in February 2018, and shoes and accessories by FW18.