Monogrammed items to pack for all your travels

Monogrammed items to pack for all your travels

It's getting personal

Text: Debby Kwong

Editor: Renée Batchelor

Here's the ultimate pack list for every imaginable adventure

Whether you travel for work or for leisure, it's always good to cultivate a routine and to have a list of must-have items that you can automatically pack. It can give you a sense of comfort and order, especially if you're a frequent flyer. What does every individual need? A passport cover (to protect this precious document), a travel wallet (to organise your currencies) and a tote bag (for easy access to anything you need on the plane). Those who are more meticulous would probably also bring a wash bag for toiletries, sunglasses, a card holder and even a carrier or pouch for your chargers and powerbanks. And if you don't travel light at all and love that feeling of old school luxury, there's always the option of bringing along a Goyard trunk instead of a basic suitcase.

If you own all these items and want to take them to the next level, why not personalise them with your initials? Monogram your initials on your suitcase so no mistake can be made at the baggage carousel. A bespoke wash bag and bedroom slippers make being away from home just that bit more familiar. And did we mention that these make perfect going away presents? Whether your friend or loved one is moving overseas for work or school, receiving a personalised item will speak of the time and thought that has gone into this 'bespoke' gift.

Here are a dozen stylish and practical essentials you need to order, customise and pack for your next adventure abroad.