The Mr Porter x Kingsman collaboration is like nothing you've ever experienced

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Text: Andrea Sim

Shop the clothing from the soon-to-be released movie in the actual set of the film

There's something titillating about the arcane world of espionage. Secrets, lies, venturing into the unknown are tropes that fire up our appetite for adventure; but as much as a spy's narrative is riveting, it is also often unrealistic. Here's how the Kingsman franchise sets itself apart from its predecessors: Unlike the routine portrayal of polished personas that come off as fantasy, it beckons its audience into the quotidian amidst the intriguing action. 

Channing Tatum in Kingsman: The Golden Circle

And then there's the tie-up with e-tailer Mr Porter, offering both films' costumes to the everyman.

"After watching Risky Business as a teenager, all I wanted was a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses. Then Top Gun came along and it had to be the aviators," explained film director Matthew Vaughn. As mentor Harry Hart and agent-in-training Eggsy return to the big screen in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the two menswear doyennes celebrate the sartorial ethos of Kingsman — a razor-sharp yet compelling representation of the modern man's ideal wardrobe, befitting of a storyline brewed underground of London's tailoring ace in hand, Savile Row. 

Taron Egerton

While the full collection of clothing — in collaboration with brands that run the gamut of Turnbull & Asser, Cutler & Gross, Adidas and Golden Bear — from the second movie now retails on, the partnership also births a physical facet this time around. Even more tangible is the experience of stepping into the new Kingsman brick-and-mortar located in London's St. James, also stocked with the range and outfitted with the film's actual sets. How's that for an induction into the circle?

See the Kingsman shop in London:

Browse the Kingsman: The Golden Circle collection above and click on the captions to shop. Explore the film characters on and see the full collection. The Kingsman shop in London opens 8 September and will retail the Kingsman accessories. Ready-to-wear is available to try on but only purchasable online. 


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