The formula to dressing like a debonair secret agent

The formula to dressing like a debonair secret agent

Gentleman's fantasy

Text: Andrea Sim

Always wanted to look like a smooth suave spy? The new arrivals from Kingsman on will have you looking the part

Since the release of Kingsman: The Secret Service earlier this year, men have had a new pop culture icon to aspire to, and women, one to lust after. However, those who have indeed watched the Matthew Vaughn film will know that truly emulating the dapper Harry Hart is near impossible, but brings you the next best thing: Hart's wardrobe. 

The formula to dressing like a debonair secret agent (фото 1)

In tandem with the release of the movie, menswear e-tailer collaborated with Vaughn on a bespoke collection of clothing and accessories that closely follows that of the movie. Think: Crisp, sharp suits, sleek leather holdalls and punchy pocket squares — it's your invitation to enter the heart of the Kingsman Secret Service, minus the dressing room elevator ride and bullet train to get there.

Like its initial release, the third installment of the collaboration brings you the refinement of Savile Row in one nifty collection. Our recommendation? Pick up the emerald velvet tuxedo jacket — you never know when you actually need one — and Globe-Trotter trolley case. It's all about dressing for the persona you want to portray, and let's just say that Harry Hart will never be caught dead travelling with a tatty canvas wheelie trundling behind him.  

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