Dolce & Gabbana's fine jewellery collection is fit for a king

Dolce & Gabbana's fine jewellery collection is fit for a king

Crown jewels

Text: Andrea Sim

These fine iconographic creations will turn up the attitude and spice up your jewellery collection

Ornate, daring and statement-making are the key words for Dolce & Gabbana's fine jewellery for men. The rambunctious and rebellious spirit of the collection is encapsulated in jewellery pieces featuring royal and religious iconography. 

Not for the meek or minimalistic, realistic crown motifs bear intricately hand-carved engravings of lilies and symbolise the pride and triumph of Roman generals in the days of yore. Worn as long necklaces or cufflinks, they come in two sizes: The smaller version with a cushion in red, jade or lapis lazuli, while the larger design comes sans cushion. Both sizes are crafted from gold and set with rubies and sapphires. For the uninhibited, don one of these gold necklaces over a longline white T-shirt and you're good to go — the symbol of power is best worn with stark confidence. 

Other motifs in the fine jewellery collection include Sicilian symbols such as the cross, rosary, horn amulets and  skull and bones. Our favourite? The oversized cross with braided wire and a hammered finish. Rugged.