Salvatore Ferragamo updates a signature belt with interchangeable buckles

Salvatore Ferragamo updates a signature belt with interchangeable buckles

Strap on, strap off

Text: Andrea Sim

The double Gancini welcomes 225 new possibilities

A belt buckle can be said to be a man's pride. For the gent who lets the fit of a blazer attest to his superiority in the boardroom and the fabric of trousers hint at astute sensibilities, the belt buckle — probably the most overt emblem on person at any one point in time — is no different. It is also a pledge of allegiance; a modern coat of arms if you will. Perhaps H for Hermès, a siren of craft and irreverence. Or LV à la Louis Vuitton, a token of travel and the finer things in life. Ferragamo's double Gancini on the other hand, a nod at the footwear connoisseur's legacy of innovation. 

In the contemporary, that very quality manifests as an update to their well-loved signature belt. The Switch: a singular piece affording options between a grained or matte leather face, embellished with an assortment of silver, gold, wood-finish, studded, hammered or tortoise shell buckles meant to afford ownership and creativity — totalling 225 possible combinations when each side of the Gancini logo is deliberately mismatched.

The remix, below. 

Available at selected Salvatore Ferragamo boutiques. 

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