These Zegna toys are made for your favourite boys

These Zegna toys are made for your favourite boys

Pelle Tessuta

Text: Jolene Khor

No, he doesn't need another tie this Christmas

Let's be honest. The reason women spend hours in the shopping mall is not because we're looking for the fifth pair of black booties to go with our Jill Sander suit set. And it's not because we can't make up our minds about whether it's the Linda Farrow sunglasses or the Fendi Run Aways that we need either. We're no fashion victims; what we are victims of is our tireless pursuit for perfection.

And during Christmas season, that dedication translates into obscene bulks of shopping time hunting for the perfect present — for men. A simple Google search is reflective of our struggles: "What to get for the man who has everything?" and "Christmas gifts for men they'll actually want" are common headlines.

When we're in need of a clue (frankly, that's always), we turn to Ermenegildo Zegna. This year, the Italian leather experts don't disappoint. Zegna's Toyz is the name of the collection specially curated for gifting, in which every item from the exclusive range is crafted in Pelle Tessuta, the label's signature woven leather fabric loomed from extremely thin strips of micro nappa leather instead of fabric yarns.  

The selection counts 11 men's accessories, gaming as well as travel and home products. The valet boxes, sunglasses and business card cases are as practical as they come; the domino set and game cube make for good surprises. Our picks? The headphones and speakers, the products of Ermenegildo Zegna handshake with Master & Dynamic, the luxury audio brand as lauded for its mechanical styling as its superior sound.

Zegna's Toyz are available in stores.