A guide to staying dapper: Blazers for beginners

A guide to staying dapper: Blazers for beginners

Gentleman's dress code

Text: Andrea Sim

Three key tips to make dressing up a breeze

Sporting a well-cut blazer is never purely reserved for formal occasions. Despite its repute as a modern staple within the boardroom and at evening events, the versatile jacket taken out of those contexts remains the gentleman's fail-safe route to looking good.

Presenting a host of blazers with distinctive nuances this spring/summer 2016, British menswear authority Dunhill makes the case for round-the-clock dapper dressing. Not sure where to begin? Keep in mind these three simple tips:

1. Choose a lapel that suits your shoulders
Blessed with a trim, lean physique like that of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's? While button down oxfords tucked into crisp, pressed chinos were practically made for you, expect to encounter jackets that will overwhelm your frame. Pick a notch lapel (instead of the traditional peak lapel) for your blazers instead — the fabric cut in an outward angle will bestow the illusion of broader shoulders. Looking small and feeling small is never the answer.

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2. Know the occasion for the double-breasted blazer
The four walls of your office cubicle is definitely not the place for the single-breasted jacket's stately older brother. Evenings at the yatch club, meetings with a potential investor and nights at the speakeasy gentleman's club is where he's warranted. While some do advocate the double-breasted blazer only for gents of a medium built, we say just go for it. If opting for a notch lapel does zilch for your scrawny frame (read above), then your solution was never really in a calculated choice of jacket anyway. Hint: It's high time to hit the gym. 

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3. Picking out the right accessories
Lapel pins, patterned ties and statement pocket squares — candy to the dapper dandy who does the two-point in his sleep. Sprucing up for a client meeting? That's a no-frills square fold on a white pocket square. Headed to a charity gala? Go for a puff fold in patterned silk. And only for gents confident of working the jacket with utmost panache, the lapel pin works wonders to shed the corporate repute. 

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Shop the spring/summer 2016 blazer selection at Dunhill boutiques.