Sporty functionality trumps stiff manners on the Dior Homme Playground

The new standard

Text: Andrea Sim

Kris Van Assche augments his code of defiance in the season incoming

It is said you can tell a man by his shoes. Likewise, a designer by his beliefs. Especially so in menswear, where creatives are less likely to get swept up in the tide of trends as compared to the fickle world of womenswear. Van Assche at Dior Homme is an example of a designer whose compass is as stable as they come. His direction: Contrast and defiance. 

Trek through his archives and see that he's stripped the line's landmark garment, its suit, as threadbare as having only half a lapel and one arm remain in spring/summer 2011. As recent as SS18, clothing labels sat on the garments' exterior — formalwear wasn't spared.

So it's safe to say that the rulebook too goes out the window when it comes to accessories; this perfectly exemplified in Dior Homme Playground, the house's brand new backpack and briefcase duo. He's switched up the traditional — and not to mention dapper — choice of leather for nylon, on the one of few sartorial markers by which a male is judged upon in workplace territory. It is harshly functional. From the scratch and water-resistant nature of the durable fabric, to the myriad of compartments devised for the modern man's knick-knacks. Laptop, phone, tablet, headphones, outerwear and sportswear all-encompassing.

Point is, Van Assche has always enjoyed challenging the status quo; he frequently talks about ringing in the future in the present. And as far as he is concerned, the time is now for the Dior man to trade in conduct for hard-hitting utility.

Available at Dior Homme boutiques.