Little by little, Dior Homme pens a new standard of eveningwear

Little by little, Dior Homme pens a new standard of eveningwear

The Black Carpet

Text: Andrea Sim

After hours, the rules are rewritten — not merely broken

When Kris Van Assche first attempted to package Dior Homme's linchpin, its suits, into a capsule collection brimming with the maison's zeitgeist, he springboarded an attitude. What does it mean to rebel? What does it mean to be an anarchist?

Then, his parameters were inspired and defined by the irreverence of youth (skater boys to be specific), leading to the broad brushstrokes of the Black Carpet collection. Its defiant spirit evident both figuratively and literally from birth in 2016, by way of a recurring paint-splatter motif. A year later, Van Assche's sights are set higher; to introduce embellishments to the everyman. Embroidery. A daunting charge by black tie tradition.

Regardless, beaded appliqués came forth, affording contemporary patterns new dimension. Sequins and needlework take on daring proportions, at once commanding the eye and annihilating convention. Each individualistic piece emblematic not only of a man's superior sensibilities, but also of a society where rules are re-written — not merely broken. 

The spring 2018 Black Carpet collection is available at Dior Homme boutiques.