Sock sneakers and ugly kicks arrive at Dior Homme

Uniform of the youth

Text: Andrea Sim

Creative director Kris Van Assche puts his two cents' worth on the sneaker sphere's trending silhouettes

It's no secret that Kris Van Assche loves youth. We see this in Van Assche's precise vision: To align Dior Homme with the new age boujee boys. Boys, who are patrons of the hedonistic nightlife personified in FW17's HarDior. Boys, to whom the only deck that rings a bell is made to tackle a skate rail. Boys, whose sneakers speak more of their deep pockets than the timepiece on their wrists.

And in the world of kicks, the sleek and polished finds no place on his feet. Not in a time where "ugly" reigns supreme, a taste cultivated by Balenciaga and Vetements, names accountable for the youth's palette today. Dior Homme's hat in the ring comes by way of sock and dad sneakers (above) in Van Assche's brand of punk — the red, white and black iterations giving last year's handsome, tennis silhouettes the boot for spring 2018 incoming.

While there is no doubt that the designer speaks the language of his audience, the following question remains: Will these sneakers earn the favour of those who've already embraced the trends ignited by its tastemaker? The answer remains to be seen, and is dependent on the sway Dior Homme wields with the street kids. 

See Dior Homme's B21 sock sneakers: