Build your own Berluti novelty

Build your own Berluti novelty

Quirky accessories

Text: Angelyn Kwek

It’s the little things in life that bring joy. Berluti gives you that pleasure with their new range of Toys for Boys

Whether you've relinquished your childhood or not, there's just something about seeing charming, buildable parts that will bring out the wannabe craftsman in you. Delight your inner child with the extensive collection of Toys for Boys — Berluti's new range of smart accessory add-ons that will have you yearning for a good workbench to start putting together a personalised creation.

Fringed tongues

Reminiscent of the days working on your Lego masterpiece, these fringed tongues (also known as kilties) are detachable fun pieces that you can easily swap and lace up onto any shoe. These colourful accents are instant mood changers that will add a spring to your step and a burst of fun to your ensemble. The best part? They're suitable for any occasion.

Available exclusively at Berluti Ngee Ann City, #01-13.


A well-dressed gent is never without his signature timepiece and this precious article now has a specially-designed case that will safeguard your watches. Crafted with patinated leather and lined with soft lambskin, the Berluti watchcase is the ultimate protective accessory against damage when you're on the move. If you love watches as much as you love travelling, this is a must-have stylish investment. 

Berluti Toys for Boys

Sports kit

Rounding off the Toys for Boys collection is a unique sports kit that will have you working up a sweat in style. Created with upscale German fitness manufacturer Hock Design, you have a pair of dumbbells made using high-grade aluminium with Venezia leather-covered handgrips for your sporting convenience. These distinctive dumbbells are cleverly assembled for high performance without bolts or screws, making them perfect for taking away wherever you fancy.

Berluti Toys for Boys

For an even more comprehensive workout, complete your travel sports kit with the elegant skipping rope that's lightweight yet sturdy.  

Berluti Toys for Boys

Fine, contemporary and sophisticated gadgets that function as great as they look, the discerning gentleman won't be able to resist not collecting them all.

The watchcases and sports kit are available from December at selected Berluti stores.