It's official: The bucket hat is making a comeback

It's official: The bucket hat is making a comeback

Fisherman's wharf

Text: Debby Kwong

Editor: Jolene Khor

Take a trip down memory lane and into the It-accessory of 2018

We're hard pressed in finding a man who doesn't have a love-hate relationship with the bucket hat. Whether it was something your derpy dad would wear in place of sunscreen, or it reminds you of your poor fashion choices in the noughties, you're not escaping it this decade. The bucket hat is back with a vengeance and because we live in a time when ugly fashion is desirable, you can conquer this tricky accessory in glorious irony.

With its wide sloppy brim, the hat was originally considered purely functional: something a fisherman would throw on for protection from the rain. But thanks to fashion-forward musicians such as LL Cool J, Liam Gallagher and in the recent, Kanye West, it's become a thing. The bucket hat has since been creeping slowly back into the scene, with considerable appearances at music festivals, often worn with a dressy-meets-outdoorsy (read: gorpcore) proclivity.

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