Biro Company inaugurates their new Singapore store with an organic collection

Biro Company inaugurates their new Singapore store with an organic collection

Blue is the warmest colour

Text: Andrea Sim

Born out of a devotion to quality, handicrafts and product integrity, the local boys behind Biro Company unveil a harmonious menswear concept store

It's said that when likeminded people come together, there's no limit to what they can achieve. Founded on this very maxim, Keng How and Kage Chong of fledgling local label Biro Company have always championed craft and provenence, embarking on countless trips to Japan (known for their fabrication that's a cut above) to source, manufacture and get to know the local artisans behind the precise art of menswear. Bearing fruit in not only their clothing collection — that's unparalleled in cut and quality within the local landscape — Biro brings forth an assemblage of lifestyle products to their new store Shouten (which translates to 'understated elegance'), alongside a new garment edit spun from organic cotton. 

A cosy nook featuring warm, indigo coated wood from Tokushima, the predominantly white and blue furnishings infused with Washi paper aptly houses the new White collection: Proffering organic cotton clothing steeped in natural dyes — not only resulting in the garment's ability to age gracefully, but encourages a mindset of sustainability.

Apart from the calculated tailoring that they're known for, an immersive curation of soaps, unscented candles, bento boxes, coasters, lamps and leather goods also pepper the quiet store — a doorway into the world of handicraft that they've embraced. Our recommendation? Block out some time to discover the rich stories that each and every product has to tell, but don't expect the selection to uphold anything less than 5000-year-old dying techniques, hand-stitched vegetable tanned skins, and the art of weaving only native to Tokushima. A must visit for fashionphiles and curious souls alike.

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Biro Company's Shouten is located at 809 French Road, Kitchener Complex, L3.